My missing puzzle piece

Any type of loss leaves us with a hole inside our heart, that feeling of not quite being complete anymore. When I think about any event or occasion now (or even little menial things like walking to work) I feel this pang of sadness and hollowness inside. It’s like a tug pulling me back to my sad place, reminding me that something is missing. I woke up this morning on Valentine’s Day and imagined Mike saying happy valentine’s to his girls had I still had our baby inside of me. I think I will always do that now no matter what life brings there will always be this little voice inside telling me how old she would have been. How she would have loved to be taking part in something. How much in love I would be with her.

My lost baby will forever be my tiny little missing puzzle piece. My heart will never be whole again without her in it and I will never stop dreaming about the picture she would have completed for us.


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